Why Become a Ma2JIC Member?

Ma2JIC Group Photo
Our Mission
To establish a collaborative research environment between universities and industrial partners which promotes the development and application of fundamental knowledge in the areas of materials joining and additive manufacturing, and provides a platform for the education of the next generation of scientists and engineers.
Since its creation in 2010 Ma2JIC has had a significant impact on innovation, competitiveness, and the sustainability of fabrication, welding, and additive manufacturing. Industry members of Ma2JIC have realized increased productivity, reduced overall costs, and higher quality components and structures. Ma2JIC students are exposed to industry research which gives them an understanding of industry needs, leaving them well prepared for industry jobs.
What is an IUCRC? 
A program of the National Science Foundation, Industry-University cooperative research Centers (IUCRCs) bring together: 
What is an IUCRC v2
IUCRCs perform cutting-edge, pre-competitive fundamental research in areas of interest to industry, that drive innovation and the U.S. economy. Members guide the direction of the Center research through active involvement and mentoring. The cooperative nature of the Center means that members have access to all projects and results across the Center. 
Membership Benefits?
  • Significant leveraging of your research money. For a $55k yearly membership fee, you get access to over 6 million dollars of research.
  • Interaction with leading universities involved in manufacturing and materials joining research
  • Access to highly trained students with expertise in materials joining. Many of our students are hired by our members because they know other welding engineering students don't have our level of expertise.
  • Ability to structure projects that have direct impact on current and future joining issues
  • Reduced project overhead (10% indirect costs) allows most of membership funds to be devoted to student support and research.
  • Access to the center's faculty.  Our center directors have an average of over 33 years of welding engineering experience. 
Member Testimonials
"Joining Ma2JIC has allowed us to stay industrially relevant with our counterparts in the commercial industry, allowing us to contribute to the biggest industry problems," says Daniel Javernick (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
"The state of the art facilities, faculty members, and outstanding students at the Center helped us develop technical justifications that we were able to then present to our end user," says Nash Ubale (Los Alamos National Laboratory)


Contact Center Director, Antonio Ramirez, at ramirez.49@osu.edu or Center Assistant Director of Operations. Heather Spisak at spisak.13@osu.edu for more information about becoming a member.