Processing-Microstructure-Performance Relation of Additively Manufactured High Gamma Prime Nickel Superalloy


Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a layer-by-layer production method used to create complex parts from three-dimensional CAD models. 

Laser Powder Bed Fusion Steps

1.Powder layer rolled from stock to built plate
2.Selective laser melting of layer 2D cross section
3.Lowered build plate
4.Repeat steps 1-3 from full object height


One primary application of high γ’ alloys is turbine engines. The application of AM to this process will allow for lighter, more efficient turbine engines due to the possibility of building internal cavities and complex geometries.

Many of these materials are not considered weldable/printable due to  high propensity for hot cracking.


Industry Sponsor: EWI, GE Additive

Faculty: Wei Zhang, Mike Mills

Graduate Student: Colleen Hilla

Industry Contact: Alber Sadek, Hyeyun Song, Andrew Wessman