Development of Interlayer Technology to Join Advanced Materials for the Transportation Industry


The development of Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) and Al alloys that exhibit outstanding mechanical performance are increasingly becoming more adequate for automotive applications. These materials demonstrate remarkable mechanical properties that allow original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to ultimately reduces vehicle weight and improve fuel efficiency. With the use of Additive Manufacturing (AM), joining similar (AHSS/AHSS) and dissimilar (AHSS/Al) Resistance Spot Welds (RSW) creates an opportunity to weld incompatible materials. But, welding these materials creates two distinct challenges. First, similar AHSS/AHSS welds are difficult to produce due to weld strength and toughness as a result of their chemistry. Second, dissimilar welds between AHSS/Al joints are problematic as a result of metallurgical incompatibility and the formation of intermetallic compounds.


Industry Sponsor: Honda, FCA, ArcelorMittal 

Faculty: Antonio Ramirez

Graduate Student: Bryan Lara

Industry Contact: Tim Abke, Hassan Ghasemi, Mike Shaw