Development of Computational Tools for LBW and EBW


Many industries utilize laser beam welding (LBW) and electron beam welding (EBW) for producing critical welds. The ability to inspect these welds with post weld inspection to ensure quality and conformance may be difficult. This drives a fundamental need to further development computational tools for weld characteristics based on input parameters (power, travel speed, heat input, etc.) for determining output characteristics (penetration, pool shape, dimensions, microstructure, etc.).

Prior research has suggested relationships based on interaction time (ti), normalized material properties, and specific point energy (SPE) in an effort to predict weld penetration based on the input parameters and material properties.


Industry Sponsor: LANL 

Faculty: John Lippold (OSU)

Graduate Students: Tate Patterson, Joris Hochanadel

Industry Contact: D. Tung/M. Johnson