Computer Aided Robotics for Welding, Cladding & Additive Manufacturing Large Structures


The need for improved automation in the manufacturing processes of robotic welding, cladding, additive manufacturing, and repair is abundant in power generation, energy, and defense. While their large features and structures vary in configuration, materials, and size, the similarities of their joining processes such as laser welding and gas metal arc welding (GMAW) allow for manufacturers to benefit from computer aided robotics (CAR). This project will focus on developing process CAM models for at least two target alloys using hot-wire laser directed energy deposition (HWL-DED) and GMA-DED processes, with an emphasis on developing near-net shapes using wire and arc additive manufacturing (WAAM). A parametric model of each alloy containing information about deposit area, bead shape, and dilution at various welding parameters will be developed using both processes. CAM paths will be optimized for additive manufacturing before working with industry to develop CAR models for representative large structure builds and on-structure features. An evaluation of the productivity, quality, and duty cycle for first time quality of the HWL-DED and GMA-DED processes will be developed, as well as material characterization and mechanical property evaluation per AWS D20 qualification methods. Lastly an economic model will be created to evaluate the impact CAR planning can have on high mix large structure manufacturers.


Industry Sponsor: GVSC and Arconic

Faculty: Dennis Harwig (OSU)

Graduate Student: Jack Canaday

Industry Contact: Martin McDonnell