Characterization of Direct Energy Deposition for Pressure Boundary Components

Additively manufacturing (AM) is becoming increasingly considered for use as structural and pressure retaining components as an alternative to conventionally manufactured counterparts. Often components for use in power plant systems are larger than can be produced with powder bed fusion AM techniques, but direct energy deposition (DED) is a potential solution. Changes to ASME code will be needed for use of DED in pressure retaining components. Developing a technical basis for use of DED components in ASME boiler and pressure vessel code systems will benefit industries other than the electric utility industry as well, such as oil and gas. The wire-arc DED process will be studied in this work. Understanding the properties of a DED 316L component built and understanding any property changes due to defects will work towards the ability to implement DED for pressure boundary components.


Industry Sponsor: Electric Power Research Institute, ORNL Manufacturing Demonstration Facility

Faculty: Jonah Klemm-Toole (CSM)

Graduate Student: Luc Hagan

Faculty Contact: Stephen Tate and Andrzej Nycz