Thrust Area Leadership

Materials/ Microstructure / Weldability

Thrust Committee Chair: Martin McDonnell, GVSC (OSU, UTK mentor) Jeff Rodelas, Sandia, (CSM, PSU Mentor)

Thrust Area Committee Co-chair: Carolin Fink, The Ohio State University & Dr. Elliot Biro, University of Waterloo


Material/Joint Performance

Thrust Committee Chair: Mike Buehner, Technip (OSU mentor) Robert Hamlin, NNRL (LU mentor)

Thrust Area Committee Co-chair: Boian Alexandrov, The Ohio State University


Additive/ Process Development / Control

Thrust Committee Chair: Andrzej Nycz, ORNL (UTK mentor) Stephen Tate, EPRI (OSU, CSM, UTK mentor) Foss Jiao, Huys Industries

Thrust Area Committee Co-chairBill Hamel, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Cross Cutting: Modeling

Thrust Committee Chair: Adam Hope, Thermocalc (LU mentor), San Gooroochurn (ESI-Sysweld, all sites mentor), and Daniel Tung (Sandia)

Thrust Area Committee Co-chairZhenzhen Yu, Colorado School of Mines