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Materials / Microstructure / Weldability

The projects that fall under this thrust area have an emphasis on materials / microstructure / weldability.


Our Efforts in Materials / Microstructure / Weldability

The goal is to develop a better understanding of the fundamentals associated with failure mechanisms. Create new and revolutionary ways to quantify the materials weldability/printability and seek standardization. Study the interconnected effects of microstructure, thermo-mechanical history and composition on weldability/printability. Explore real-time NDT techniques to monitor joints and printed components. This will allow for better understanding of long term predictability of joints and printed materials.

Thrust Committee Chair: Jeff Rodelas, Sandia, (CSM, PSU Mentor), Ravi Menon (OSU Mentor)

Thrust Committee Co-Chair: Carolin Fink, The Ohio State University & Dr. Elliot Biro, University of Waterloo