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Current Projects

Projects in the Manufacturing and Materials Joining Innovation Center are broken down into three focus areas:


1. Material / Joint Performance

Focus is on the understanding and optimization of welded/printed materials performance when exposed to industry service environments. Assess using a multitude of variables including: material composition, welding/printing process and techniques, and service conditions. Dynamic material performance includes examination of the effects of strain, fatigue and corrosion. Includes validation and development of models based on experimental results. Goal is to optimize materials, welding, and printing solutions, as well as the code requirements governing industry.

Thrust Committee Chair: Michael Eff (EWI) & Daniel Paolini (Honda)

Thrust Committee Co-Chair: Boian Alexandrov (The Ohio State University)


2. Additive / Process Development / Control

Promote innovation and development in additive manufacturing and joining processes. Areas of interest and focus: Metal additive manufacturing, brazing, advanced arc welding, solid-state joining, sensors, process monitoring and control, and the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve these processes.

Thrust Committee Chair: Andrzej Nycz (Oak Ridge National Lab)

Thrust Committee Co-Chair: Bradley Jared (University of Tennessee) 


3. Materials / Microstructure / Weldability

Goal is to develop a better understanding of the fundamentals associated with failure mechanisms. Create new and revolutionary ways to quantify the materials weldability/printability and seek standardization. Study the interconnected effects of microstructure, thermo-mechanical history and composition on weldability/printability. Explore real-time NDT techniques to monitor joints and printed components. Better understanding of long term predictability of joints and printed materials.

Thrust Committee Chair: Jeff Rodelas (Sandia National Lab) & Ravi Menon (ESAB)

Thrust Committee Co-Chair: Carolin Fink (The Ohio State University) & Michael Benoit (University of Waterloo)