Report of the International Institute of Welding on priorities of the global welding industry / February 2023

Posted: February 27, 2023
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The International Institute of Welding was founded in 1948 by Welding Institutes and Associations in 13 Countries, as a consequence of the experience from the second World War, when the importance of the technology was proven to be essential for the industrial development of countries, and not only for military applications. The main goal of IIW has been set “to allow the exchange of knowledge in the field of welding”. Since then, welding technologies have developed, widened, and embraced allied technologies and related approaches. IIW followed this development and enlarged in membership having now more than 50 members on the 5 continents, and considered a widened scope to include all welding processes as applied to metallic and polymeric materials, from the nano- to the full-scale, and approaching design, fabrication, repair and life extension, quality management and also covering training and certification. The science and technology excellence in research and industrial institutions constitute the IIW community of experts with over 2500 individuals, meeting at least twice every year to discuss research topics, construction and failure cases and to develop collaborative work in form of books, ISO standards, recommendations, statements, training guidelines and other industrial tools. It is well recognized the paramount importance of the relationship between the IIW, its owners Members Societies and the Industry. IIW is active in developing discussions, deriving decisions and assisting its wide range of stakeholders. Click here to read more.