Laser Welding Behavior of Additive Manufactured 304L Stainless Steel- Phase II

  • Repair of AM components: Great interest has been generated in the use of additively manufactured components for a broad range of industrial applications. A review of current AM research and development showed that while there is significant progress being made in a number of AM areas, there are still technological gaps with respect to the joining of AM components.
  • Hybrid Additive/Subtractive Manufacturing (A/SM): The combination of wire arc additive manufacturing with traditional subtractive machining between deposition layers is an emerging technology in AM. It has been shown to yield much improved dimensional tolerance in large, complex builds. This disruption of AM processing conditions produces better dimensional accuracy but has unknown effects on microstructural development. It is currently unknown how adding another processing technique to the already complex system of AM will affect the chemical composition, microstructure and performance of builds made with A/SM.

Industry Sponsor: LANL

Faculty: Stephen Liu (CSM)

Graduate Students: Jordan Ream

Industry Contact: Dan Javernick