June 2020 Ma2JIC IAB Meeting

United States

Manufacturing and Materials Joining Innovation Center's (Ma2JIC) IAB Conference


June 2020 Ma2JIC IAB Meeting

June 1-3, 2020 10am-2pm EST

We wanted to provide you with an update on the status of the June Ma2JIC IAB meeting in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ma2JIC Center Director, Site Directors, Center Manager, IAB Chair, IAB Vice Chair, and IAB and Faculty Thrust Area Chairs and Co-Chairs met  to discuss the feasibility of hosting the June meeting as planned in Knoxville. The unanimous decision was that hosting an in-person meeting will not be wise, even if possible, in early June.


With the support of Site Director Claudia Rawn, the host of the June 2020 meeting, we will be holding the June 2020 meeting virtually via Zoom, on the same days June 2nd and  3rd, with the addition of Monday June 1st. Recognizing that sitting through an eight hour virtual meeting is not an enjoyable experience, we will have shorter meeting days, from 10am-2pm EST (to accommodate those not in Eastern Time) and a truncated agenda highlighting only the most crucial issues. We intend for the “business” portion (IAB/PI meetings, bylaws discussions, and project voting) to primarily on June 2nd. There is the possibility that as the agenda is finalized, we may lighten the number of days or the duration. 


RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday May 22nd using Zoom registration. Everyone must RSVP for the meeting, meeting credentials will be provided via Zoom. It is essential that you RSVP using zoom, as there is additional functionality only enabled by registering attendees.




After you use Zoom to register you will receive a confirmation screen with the option to export the meeting to your calendar with access credentials. You will also receive a confirmation email with the access credentials please be sure to save this. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam or reach out to me. We ask that you not share the access credentials with your colleagues, but encourage them to RSVP on their own so that we can best track number of attendees.


AgendaAttached is a draft agenda. Please note that the meeting will start MONDAY June 1st and conclude Wednesday June 3rd, with shorter days from 10am-2pm EST. There are additional optional events to attend as well. An agenda with student presenters will be released ASAP as soon as those decisions are finalized.


Document access: You should all have access to Box, where documents for the meeting are kept. Please see attached guide for questions. This will include student presentations, posters, and quad charts. Along with project proposals & presentations, and other important documents. If you are having any issues accessing Box, please let Brooke know ASAP as it will benefit you to have access during the meeting.


Familiarizing yourself with Zoom: Attached are Zoom reminders for the meeting. If you haven’t found yourself using Zoom much lately, it may serve you well to review this quick tutorial. We recommend that you install Zoom on your computer (as opposed to using a browser version of it) for full functionality. Additional information and best practices specifically for our meeting will come out prior. With technology on our side, you’ll be able to ask questions, participate in discussion, and interact with students!


Reporting In-Kind Donations: Since Brooke will not be able to gently remind you in person this June, we encourage you to please report any in-kind donations that you, as an industry member, may have contributed in the last year. Please complete this simple form which helps us track your support of our Center. This information is crucial to provide to NSF as an example of our broad industry support, beyond monetary contributions.


Hotel Block: The hotel block has been cancelled, and to the best of our knowledge anyone with a reservation has been notified. If you have a reservation and were not contacted, you can contact the hotel directly to cancel via their website or by phone (865)251-2573.

Questions? Email Center Manager Brooke Felts at felts.13@osu.edu or call 614-292-1182