About the Center

The Manufacturing and Materials Joining Innovation Center (Ma2JIC) was approved by the National Science Foundation in September 2010 as an Industry and University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC).

As the second largest IUCRC in the nation, by income, Ma2JIC is driving materials joining innovation in industries ranging from energy generation and aerospace, to automotive and defense with $5.3M in annual research investment from 44 unique industry member companies. We boast 76 faculty and student researchers across our five university partners and have 29 current research projects. In recent years, research stemming from Ma2JIC has produced 74 publications, 1 patent and 2 more applications, and over 142 conference presentations. 


Technical needs related to materials joining in fossil energy, nuclear energy, alternative energy, energy efficiency, and energy storage applications can be grouped under six broad categories:

  • joining of existing materials
  • joining of new advanced materials
  • joining of dissimilar materials
  • additive manufacturing for hybrid materials
  • life extension of existing joints
  • rapid evaluation of life of weldments


The Center conducts critical industry research through projects that fall under the following thrust areas:

Manufacturing and Materials Joining Innovation Center's (Ma2JIC) IAB Conference June 2023 Ma2JIC IAB Meeting Colorado School of Mines Ben H. Parker Student Center 1516 Maple St...